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Notice:  Issue of Certificates of Award (09 Nov 2022 update)
Notice:  Graduation Ceremonies for 2019/2020 Cohorts

For queries on admission please check our FAQs or send your queries on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Student Academic Credentials System has been devised with a view to speed up the process of applications for verification of academic credentials lodged by students/ former students of the University of Mauritius or by foreign agencies or prospective employers and to provide a more efficient service to all concerned.


  1. Register yourself by providing a valid e-mail address.
  2. A password will be assigned by the system. You will be notified of the password through your e-mail.
  3. Log in the SACS by using your e-mail address and password assigned to you.
  4. Fill in the mandatory fields indicated in red.
  5. Proceed with your application. 
  6. It is mandatory to upload a copy of your Certificate of Award for processing of your request.
  7. All official documents requested in a sealed envelope are imperatively to be sent from the Examinations Office to other institutions by Fedex Express courier (applicable fee Rs 1200). Documents will not be remitted directly to applicants for dispatch at their end.
  8. A note of no objection from applicant for another person to apply on behalf of UoM  former students to be included in section ‘Remarks’ when applying online or submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  9. UoM is not a registered body to provide translation services from English to other languages for academic documents (Transcript, Certificate of Award, Programme Structure, etc ). Applicant is required to seek translation services from a recognised translator.


Refund of Fees to Applicant(s) - Academic Credentials 

Student Academic Credential Fees

Receipt of Request for Refund

Amount Refunded

Within one week after application


Above one week and up to two (2) weeks after application


Above two (2) weeks and up to three (3) weeks after application


Above three (3) weeks after application


              • Note: Calculation is based as from date payment is effected for academic credentials and date application has been made for refund.
              • Refund for an amount of less than or equal to Rs 200/- will not be entertained.
              • In case academic document(s) requested by applicant is/are no longer available at Faculties/Centre, the whole amount will be refunded.''


  • Any request will take at least one (1) week and at most three (3) weeks to be processed as from the date the request is submitted and provided payment is effected first. 
  • Payment must be effected  
    •  At the Cash Office, Finance Section, University of Mauritius from 09:15 hours to noon and 13:00 hours to 14:30 hours and a copy of the receipt (bearing the reference number) be submitted to the Examinations Office- 1st floor, Ex-CPDL Building, University of Mauritius. Cash payment can be effected by an authorised person on behalf of the applicant. 
    • By Bank Transfer to the University of Mauritius’s Bank Account (fees will exclude bank charges).
  • Collection of documents can be done on behalf of the applicant along with an authorised letter, copy of NIC of the applicant and original NIC of the person collecting the documents (The receipt will be drawn to the name of the applicant).
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