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UoM IT Policies

The UoM IT Policy comprises of two documents :

UoM IT Policy Part 1 – Accessible to UoM Staff and Students covering Download (Use  your UoM Email Credentials)


Chapter 1 - General Information

Chapter 2 - Email 

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the use of email facilities provided by UoM and to prevent misuse of associated facilities

Chapter 3 - Network/Internet

This policy provides users with rules and guidelines about the appropriate use of UoM network and Internet access

Chapter 4 - Wi-Fi

The policy provides users with guidelines for the usage of UoM Wi-Fi and is intended to prevent unacceptable uses of the System

Chapter 5 - Website 

The purpose of this policy is to describe the procedures used to develop and maintain the UoM website and other portfolio

Chapter 6 - Computer Lab

This document outlines the policies/guidelines pertaining to Computer Labs of the University of Mauritius

Chapter 7 - IT Security

This document contains guidelines that will enable UoM stakeholders them to use ICT resources in a secure manner

Chapter 8 - Green IT 

This policy sets out the guidelines to which all UoM stakeholders shall abide to align with the organisation’s Green IT initiatives

Chapter 9 - Social Media Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure accuracy, integrity, consistency and the protection of the university from liability while using Social Media platforms


 UoM IT Policy Part 2 – Accessible to UoM Staff Only  Download (Use your UoM Email Credentials)

Chapter 10 – IT Equipment Allocation

This policy outlines the allocation to, handling by and responsibilities of stakeholders, and scope of Information Technology (IT) Equipment of the University

Chapter 11 – Laptop Allocation
This document outlines the process for the allocation of laptop and defines guidelines for responsibility, ownership and return of the equipment
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