FoE Programme

Venue: ELT1, Engineering Tower, University of Mauritius

Wednesday 24 April 2019




Poster Sessions

-     Error Resilient Schemes for H.264 Video Transmission - Deevya Indoonundon, T P Fowdur and K M S Soyjaudah

-     Improving  Digital  Audio  Transmission  with  Various  Unequal  Error  Protection  Techniques  - Prateema Ragpot, T P Fowdur and  K M S Soyjaudah

-     An  Android  App  Controlled  Instrumented  Car  with  SMS  Alert  System  -  Nikhil  Kissoon  and A P Murdan

-     Recycling Waste Glass with Cement and Resin into Sustainable Solid Surfaces - Anagha Vaidya Soocheta and Heman Seegolun

-     Historical Retrospective of Urban Development of Port-Louis, Mauritius - Dilsha Mottee






FoE Research Week Committee

Chairperson: Dr A Vaidya- Soocheta

Members: Dr V Dookun, Mrs R Ramjug-Ballgobin, Dr R Unmar, Mr A Seeboo, and Miss P Jankee,

Secretary: Mrs S Tribhon

Miss N Domah