2017/2018 Final Year Project Titles

Microwave pretreatment for the batch anaerobic digestion of vegetable residues
Adsorption behaviour of Sumifix HF Blue BG dye onto biomass-derived adsorbent(s)
Adsorption characteristics of Evercion Blue H-ERD dye onto biomass-derived adsorbent(s)
Modeling phosphate adsorption in a plug flow horizontal sub surface constructed wetland.
Enhancing nitrification process in a plug flow horizontal sub surface constructed wetland.
Developing local design guides for horizontal sub surface constructed wetland treating grey water
Removal of Chromium by a Horizontal sub surface constructed wetland
Using life cycle and CO2 performances to assess bidders in the tourism sector
Implementation of the Eco-label standard MS 165 in the tourism sector (Rodrigues/ Mauritius)
Remineralisation of permeate water from the desalination plant to reduce corrosivity.
Paper production from Vacoas fibres
Refining process of used lubricant oils
Investigating into the possibilities of carbon capture and storage technologies
Morinda citrifolia L. seed oil as a surfactant for Soap Production
Investigating the technical, environmental and socio-economic feasibility of a Green Waste Composting facility
Assessing the eutrophication potential of coastal waters in Mauritius
Assessment of resources utilization and environmental impacts of coal power plants and its comparison to other thermal (biomass) power plants
Assessment of the socio-economic and environmental impacts of wind power generation versus bagasse/coal power generation
Colour balance study in a sugar factory: case study at Omnicane milling operations Ltd
Estimation of Greenhouse Gases from waste
Industrial Symbiosis Potential in Mauritius
Addressing the clogging issue of the desalination plants in the region of Le Morne


Assessment of the combustion kinetics of selected biomass resources with coal    
Investigation into the impact of technology use on electricity productivity from selected biomass resources  
Assessment of wind energy potential     
Forecasting energy demand and planning     
Power generation from thermally treated biomass     
Performance of concrete using glass as a substitute for rock sand     
Possible use of plastic for energy production     
Energy production from textile waste and MSW     
Assessing the potential of producing biogas at household level     
Energy analysis of a brewery industry     
Zero carbon refurbishment in an educational institution     
Assessment of the environmental impacts of catering services during transportation of food products 
Innovative lighting procurement for increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact in an organisation / or institution     
Assessing impact of climate change policies on SIDS: The case of Mauritius    
Effects of sonication on the biomethanation of organic residues     
Effects of NiO-diatomite nanoparticles on the anaerobic digestion of food residues   
Assessment of the physical and chemical properties of different types of ash    
Investigation of desulphurization of diesel by liquid-liquid extraction techniques