The Department of Applied Sustainability and Enterprise Development (DASED) is engaged in developing courses and conducting research in fields of study related to sustainability, product design, manufacturing and entrepreneurship.  Operating within the Faculty of Engineering, our interdisciplinary study programmes and research projects guide students and researchers towards practical solutions to the technological and societal challenges of the present time at national, regional and international levels.   We firmly believe that the empowerment of our youngsters through holistic tertiary education will make them into talented and responsible professionals with the polyvalence required to positively contribute to sustainable development and society at large.

Over the past three decades DASED has produced over a thousand graduates, many of whom are currently playing leadership roles mainly in textile manufacturing, fashion & design, as well as in the research and development of green products.  Some of our graduates have successfully launched their own enterprises, and a few others are serving as education officers in the secondary schools.  The department is also actively involved in academic and applied research and counts a good number of completed PhDs and on-going doctoral students.  We ensure that our undergraduate and postgraduate students are involved in projects that contribute to a wide range of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in areas such as sustainable product design and manufacturing, circular economy, development of eco-friendly materials, natural fibres, nature-based products, and techno-entrepreneurship among others.          

Our team of dedicated academic and technical staff work in close collaboration with stakeholders from the public and private sectors and in partnership with foreign universities to keep pace with the fast-evolving needs of the market and thus deliver state-of-the-art education to our students.  We also provide support to the local design and manufacturing sector by giving professional training through customized programmes in the form of short courses and collaborative projects for specific industry applications.

The department welcomes and invites learners who wish to enhance and apply their knowledge, creative skills and innovative ideas for the cause of sustainable development to join us through our study programmes and research activities.   

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