The IT Services department of the CITS offers a wide range of services, from the provision of high-quality IT equipment and industry-standard software, through support and advice in the use of IT in various University-related activities. The ITS department, among its major role, is primarily responsible for the setting up and management of the University local area network infrastructure, administration of a server farm and campus-wide Internet access. In line with its functions it is also involved in the training of University staff on IT related issues and provide professional certification courses for outreach skills programs. circuit
The core activities of the IT Services department include:
  • End-User Support to University staff and students:
    • Integrated help-desk service for attending end-users request on fault reports, IT related troubleshooting, spare parts management on day-to-day basis;
    • Installation, configuration and in-house maintenance of computer hardware and software
    • Network troubleshooting and configuration
    • End user training and advice
    • Assembly of PCs and commissioning of IT equipment
  • Management and servicing of eight Computer Labs for students over the campus with aggregate Paid Printing Service
  • Network management and Systems administrationResponsible for the setting up, enhancement and management of the local area network;
    • Devolvement of complete control for physical expansion of the network infrastructure together with its fiber optic backbone;
    • Administration and management of the domain: together with a full set of public addresses which is both owned by the UoM;
    • Administration and management of the server farm for the different set of network services over the campus, including administration of key servers such as DNS, Web Server, Mail Service, Net-Printing, Document Management Systems and underlying On-Line services…
    • Administration and control of Internet access to both staff and students on university campus
    • Application support for MIS, Finance, Library and other department
    • Integration and monitoring of  IP surveillance camera
  • University Web Site development and Maintenance;
    • Web page development
  • Procurement of IT related equipment and services;
    • Preparation of Bids Documents and together with technical specifications
    • Defining the Technical/Financial  Evaluation procedures
    •  Performing technical/financial evaluation exercises for tenders and quotations with respect to IT related equipments
    • Develop IT policies and advice for the efficient purchasing and management of new information technologies
  • University wide Internet access facilities through dedicated ADSL and Frame Relay line;
  • Conduct, manage and support of Video Conferencing facilities
  • Training for IT Professional Certification courses
    • Provide Cisco courses via the UoM- CISCO Academy (CCNA, IT Essential 1 & 2, Fundamentals of Java, Fundamentals of Wireless)
    • Provide LINUX Profession Institute certification course (LPI 101 & LPI 102)
    • Microsoft Academy (MCP courses)\
    • Design and conduct specialized short courses for other Institutions (MBC, Mauritius Telecom, Civil Service Staff, etc...)
    • Provide Linux specialized courses under TOSP for university students
  •  IT skills programs delivery for the University staff (Basic Office tools for desktop management – Windows Operating System, Word processing, Spreadsheet, Outlook, Internet Usage and Risk, Virus Awareness, Presentation Software)
  • IT consultancy - Provide Consultancy on network security and infrastructure management (already conducted project at the DBM Ltd and MGI)

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