The Faculty offers a range of undergraduate programmes, which aim at providing a broad-based agricultural education to meet the constantly changing needs of the agricultural sector. Over the years, the traditional BSc (Hons) Agriculture programme itself has been revised and modified to reflect changes in the agricultural sector. Now the Faculty has moved towards developing new programmes to respond to new and emerging trends in the agricultural and food sectors of the country. Since 1998/99, the Faculty has adopted the format of a 3-year degree programme with specialisation in the final year. These specialisations are priority areas for the future agricultural development of the country. The Faculty also runs joint programmes with other Faculties.

All programmes at the Faculty are now fully modularised and creditised which provides flexibility for students to progress at their own pace suited to their learning abilities, and also allows a continuous evaluation of the student’s performance. The modules are offered over 2 semesters of 15 weeks each in an academic year. Apart from the taught modules, the programmes aim at developing student's interpersonal/transferable skills through specialised modules in communication skills and information technology.

Furthermore, students participate in the Student Work Experience Placement (SWEP) programme designed to assist them acquire complementary skills and to understand and experience the exigencies of the world of work.

 NB: Some Programmes may not be available for the moment.    

Programmes on offer for Academic Year 2022/2023

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Full-Time Non-Tuition Fee Paying Programmes


BSc (Hons) Agricultural Science and Technology*

Yrs F/T


BSc (Hons) Aquaculture*

Yrs F/T

A339 BSc (Hons) Crop Technology (Minor: Sheltered Hydroponics Systems)* Yrs F/T
*These programme include a compulsory 6-month work internship

 *Accessible to staff and registered students only


Programmes Currently Being Run